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From 2011 to 2015, I worked as a user experience researcher for AT&T Enterprise and Small Business. During that time I developed a tool for managing research, conducted usability tests, ethnographic research and surveys. I worked on projects ranging from small business websites to wearable devices.

View AT&T Research Samples Here.


GO Kickball runs an adult-kickball league based out of Atlanta (they also run a dodgeball league and host cornhole tournaments). They hired me to be their web master. After working with GO Kickball for about a year, they decided to redesign and redevelop their website. Since we were redesigning the website, I decided to use their site to double as my senior project. We extended the redesign to include a mobile site, and new functionality for their content management system, so it would be easier for them to schedule their tournaments.

GO Kickball hired another designer to do the majority of the redesign for the site. I did help contribute to the final design when the original designer was no longer available. I was responsible for redeveloping the entire site, which included doing the front-end development (XHTML, CSS, JavaScript) and integrating the site into the existing custom content management system (PHP and MySQL).

View GO Kickball Website Project Documentation


GO Kickball commissioned me to design and develop a mobile site for their users. The business goals of the site were to create a mobile presence for GO Kickball and give mobile users a better experience with the GO Kickball site. The mobile site also provides an added value to the GO Kickball experience that customers have come to expect. Users can check their schedules, game statuses and game scores on the site. There is also information and testimonials available on the mobile site to give first-time users information about GO Kickball, so they can learn about GO Kickball easily anywhere.


The Woodruff Art Center wanted a fun and interactive website for their green initiative. They wanted a site that is comparable to Yahoo green and Ecomagination.com. I designed comps for a highly-interactive site that will be viewed on a touch-screen device. Once comps were approved, development was started and nearly complete in a time frame of two weeks.


SunTrust's intranet had become bigger than it was originally intended to be. It was difficult for content managers to update and for users to find the information they were looking for. I worked with several departments at SunTrust to come up with a design that was easy for non-technical employees (such as administrative assistants) to update, and also easy for users to navigate. In the course of a year, I worked with at least 10 departments organizing, designing and developing micro-sites for the intranet.

John Wieland Homes

The John Wieland Homes and Neighborhoods' site was difficult to navigate, and it was even more difficult to manage all of its content. I conducted content inventories, created plans for the redesign of the site, and helped create a more user-friendly interface, with a design that targeted their upper-middle class professional audience. I led the effort to integrate the new design with their existing content management system, as well as moving static pages into a .NET based CMS called Ektron. John Wieland has redesigned their site since my involvement in 2008.



“Dirge of Cerberus” is a game based on Final Fantasy VII.

“Dirge of Cerberus” is the first, first-person shooter game in the Final Fantasy collection. Because of the uniqueness of the game, my team decided to conduct a usability study on it for a class, in order to see how users might adapt to the game fomat.

Download "Dirge of Cerberus" Project Documentation (PDF)

View "Dirge of Cerberus" Research Findings


The Bobarang was a project for the Advanced Interface Design class. This assignment was to create a design for a mobile-phone app called the Bobarang. What the Bobarang did was up to the student. I chose to make the Bobarang into a real-time traffic/GPS system app. The three main goals of the site design were to let the user know what the app was capable of doing, advertise that the phone was available for free on the iphone, android and blackberry, and encourage users to share the page on social media networking sites, since the idea behind real-time traffic GPS systems are social. The idea being that the Bobarang app would give more accurate traffic information as more people used it.


This design was created for the Advanced Interface Design class. The assignment was to update the design for the Russell Stover website. The primary considerations taken into account when redesigning the website were Russell Stover's branding, highlighting the current holiday related deals, and designing the site in a way that made the user want to delve deeper into the site.


The MARTA site was a team project for a mobile design and development class. The goal was to create a mobile site/app prototype for Atlanta's public transportation system (MARTA). The primary goals for the site are to make it easy for users to plan their trips and find out information about stations and bus stops, while keeping in mind that the context in which the mobile site wll be used is in a mobile environment, where the user is most likely at a bus stop or train station (or walking to one).

View MARTA Demo


This project was a student project. I worked in a team of four to create the video. The project required that we create a 30 second stop-motion PSA that centered around the U.S. Constitution. The video concept was a group effort. My part in the creation process was primarily direction and photography. The video was entered into the Campus Movie Fest. It was also displayed in the art gallery at the Art Institute of Atlanta. I won an award for the video from The Art Institute of Atlanta for "Promising New Student in Visual Form & Content."


Music Master was the original project idea that I had for senior project design. The concept was to create a game that was accessible to as many people as possible. I decided to make it an educational game that teaches the user to play piano. The game was never developed, but I did extensive research on the project and how it could be built. I even did designs for the game and created an interactive wireframe prototype outlining how the game would be played and how the accessibility functions would work.

Download Music Master Documentation (PDF)


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