What People Are Saying About Me.

"Holli has a deep depth and breadth of UX skills that is second to none. Whether driving UX research, or involved in UX/interaction design and development, prototyping using iRise or Axure, accessibility consultation or contributing to Big Data type initiaves, Holli is knowledgeable and versatile - able to fulfill diverse UX roles on different projects. For example, her recent work in incorporating mental workload and bio-feedback measures to understand the behavioral reaction of AT&T's business users to new digital offerings was not only unique but was also the catalyst for additional work with partner teams. Holli is good humored, a great team player and extremely professional - I would highly recommend her for any UX role."

Daniel Bruneau - AT&T

"Holli is a "UX Hacker," she excels at solving un-structured problems. She is a curious person, she LIKES to learn new things. Does a business grow if employees "stick to what they know," and never look outside their "job description" to solve a problem, or spot an opportunity? Whether scripting PHP for text analysis, or providing data visualization for a business case, Holli's versatility adds great value in searching for cost or revenue opportunities in a business context.

Holli has mastered the UX Research skillset, but what makes her unique is taking the output of a research program, and spotting the insights that speak not just to the product at hand, but to the business model that delivers that product, or the support system that retains customers."

Jonah Keegan - AT&T


"You will be hard pressed to ever find a more intelligent, talented, or witty colleague as Holli. She is the only true autodidact I have ever known. There are few challenges she is not equipped to meet, and yet she maintains a gracious, steady reliability that is extremely admirable. I had the extreme pleasure of working with Holli at AT&T. In the four years we worked together, she became certified in several different languages and complex applications, honed her research skills across quantitative and qualitative methods, and even began learning sign language. Holli personifies the best about the millennial generation: A tenacity for justice and purpose. The seemingly unquenchable desire for knowledge, and the tenacity to put it all into application. I cannot recommend Holli enough. If you consider passing her up for any role, you don't deserve her."

Amber Wyman - AT&T

"Holli is a very professional and easy to work with person who is one of the best at what she does. We worked together on numerous technology projects including the development of a new website and mobile site, networking capabilities, and project design. I would love to work with her again in the future, and highly recommend her for any venture that she may choose to pursue."

Daniel Lawrence - GO Kickball

"Holli was a great help to our team in her role as Web Developer. When presented with a problem, she consistently had several creative ways of solving it and was proactive in her pursuit of the answer. She also jumped in and learned new technologies in a pinch, which was invaluable. I enjoyed having Holli as part of our team!"

Christine Jonas O'Brien - John Wieland

"initiative, and adept at problem solving. She went above and beyond what was expected of her and demonstrated a zest for learning. I look forward to seeing the work she creates - it is sure to be pragmatic but with funky creativity."

Ameeta Jadav - The Art Institute of Atlanta